A Partial Break

The last few months have been crazy. I started Capriglione Creations four months ago. It feels like a LONG time ago. 

I’m an ideas person. I can come up with a lot of ideas. Really good ones. And then I try to implement all of them. At the same time.  

So far, my business has really taken off. I’ve loved being able to give Destiny Rescue 10%. I’ve loved having events. I’ve loved going to markets and meeting customers and other vendors. 

I’ve been challenged with making commissions for people. I’ve been challenged (and more than a little discouraged) by pieces blowing up in the kiln and glazes going crazy and making things un-sell-able. 

It has been… Good. Hard. Challenging. Fun. Exhilarating. Discouraging. Thought-provoking. Revealing.

The thing is, it’s been crazy. Think multiple nights a month, getting up 3-4 times to turn up the kiln. Think 20 out of 24 mugs not turning out that I was planning to sell that week (6-8 hours wasted). Think 20ish hours of work re-making a piece that didn’t work out 4 different times. Think multiple booths with no sales to customers, just sales to other vendors (not the worst thing, but not the best). Plus the rest of life.

I need a break. I need to be able to make while relaxing. To experiment with glazes to find what I like. To make pieces that are ‘me.’ To not feel pressure. To challenge myself to make things bigger and better. To play. To figure out how to make this doable as a part-time job and all-time mom.

What does this mean? I’m not totally sure. In January and February I won’t be selling at any booths. I won’t be taking any commissions (unless it’s something really special like the Kasua plates) until April. 

I will still hold classes and lessons. The art education/teaching part is easy. It takes work, but not brain work.

Thank you all for all of your support, encouragement, and excitement about everything! I’m not disappearing,  just taking as much pressure off as I can so I can make my work better!

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