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I’ve been asked lately how pottery is going, so I thought I’d answer here.

Lots in life is changing.

For those of you who aren’t aware, we’re pregnant with our second child! We’re really excited and looking forward to our family growing. This, however, will affect the business. I won’t exactly be able to bend over the pottery wheel and lug around 50 lb boxes of clay in July and August (we’re due Sept. 1).

We’re planning to move in the next 2-3 months. Because our home is currently right off a main road, we’re concerned about the safety of Eddie, our daughter, as she begins walking/running. This means that my studio will be out of commission for a bit as we figure out setup in a new location, having no idea what that will look like, especially studio-wise. 

I’ve also agreed to lead a ministry at our church that will take a lot of my time and energy. This aspect shouldn’t affect my business too much, but it will force me to be much more intentional about using time effectively with family, business, and ministry. 


Goals by End of Year

With all these changes, I’m trying to figure out what my business goals are by the end of this year, what my business should look like and what my expectations should be for myself. Here are a few ideas floating around in my head currently:

Build up stock:

I’d like to have 75-100 mugs, 20 pie plates, 20 large bowls, and miscellaneous other items made for sales around the holiday season.

2-3 sales venues over the holidays

Last year I felt spread too thin with all of my weekends taken. This year I’d like to find just a few to attend.

Ornament Decorating Events

This year I’d like to have one large event in my studio for people to come to and then open it up for me come to their places. 

Summer Farmer’s Market

My hope is to have lessons and pottery wheel demonstrations and lessons at the farmer’s market. I know Lisa, the person who runs it, is excited about this prospect. The challenge will be timing with vacation, moving, and the pregnancy.


I hope this little update answered some questions! I’m hoping to begin posting more again soon!

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