Food Goals

Maybe at some point I’ll share before and after pictures of all the great things I’ve done physically. Right now, that’s not going to happen. 

November 5 is the day I’m planning to start a 60-day Paleo Challenge. January 5 is the end.

We’ve done a 30-day Whole 30 before. It was really hard. There are SO many dishes to do. SO much prep work. SO much planning and mental tenacity. 

I don’t really like vegetables. Or fruit. Most of them I eat, I’ve trained myself to eat.

But I know it’s worth it. 

I’ll have 2 cheat days: Christmas and Thanksgiving. I may add 2 more since we celebrate with my husband’s family different days. The risk for me with cheat days is that I don’t start back into Paleo afterward.

This article has been really helpful as I’m thinking through implementing changes in a week. 

Knowing the symptoms that come with the Paleo diet are also helpful (They usually end around the first week and a half. Then you just feel awesome):

Recipes that are liked by me AND my husband are hard to come by. Here are the recipes we both said we would make again. We started a Pinterest board so we could find them easily.

Recipes that we haven’t tried are here. Like to keep a board so that WHEN we get bored with the recipes we’ve tried, I don’t have to go looking too far.

Just so you know, I’m aware that Paleo says not to get meat with any sugar in it. I’ve stopped using that rule  because it’s either SUPER expensive or impossible to find bacon, sausage, and other random meats without it. I try to look for meats that don’t have soy and have the least sugars in them I can. It makes Paleo more doable for me. I’m also allowing myself rice and white potatoes.

Biggest Obstacles and Plan to Combat Them:

Kids Yes. They themselves are obstacles in the kitchen. And in my time.

My biggest goal is to incorporate Eddie (the older) into my prep work. I’ll have her cut some things, throw things away, help clean up a little, and mix. She’s only a year and a half, but loves to help. My hope is that this puts a love of cooking into her and gives her some starting knowledge.

The other thought of how to accomplish at least prepping food is to make the first priority of afternoon nap times prepping. I can do other things after prep work is done. Things like take a nap. Clean. Pottery. Blog.

I think I’ve figured out grocery shopping with both girls. I only hit one store a day (which drives me crazy!) and, if needed, I’ll use clicklist or something similar on days that they’re not going to make it through a store.

Sugar/Chocolate Cravings

Sweet potatoes, pumpkin seeds, and raisins were my biggest friends during Whole30. They all helped me combat cravings for sweets. When desperate, I allowed myself to have Larabars (the only Paleo friendly bars) with chocolate or peanut butter. 

Unexpected Events

This is one I need to think through more. Eat before I go? Only eat things I know are Paleo? Bring food with me?

Calorie Count

When doing Paleo, I find it hard enough to eat the foods I need to. Since I know that I’m eating all healthy foods, I’ve decided that tracking my food while on Paleo isn’t going to  happen and I don’t feel a huge need to track. For the record, last time we did Whole30, I lost 10lbs in that month without tracking food.

When blogging, I’ll try not to bore people with boring stats. However, I’ll make sure to let people know what recipe we ate and how I’m feeling that day.

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