Pottery Goals (2 Month)

Five or six months ago, we packed up my studio from the basement and unplugged the kiln. Four months ago, I set up my wedging table and wheel and tried to throw again before Willow, baby #2, was born. It wasn’t a good experience. 

Willow is 2 months old. Eddie is able to entertain herself. The time is coming soon when I’ll be back in the studio.

I want to throw and sculpt! I got my newest issue of Pottery Making Illustrated. I LOVE it! This issue has lots of methods and textures that I want to try. It’s got me thinking about what this next bit is going to look like. 

I know I want a slab roller. Slab rollers are nice because they make…slabs. Long, even pieces of clay that are thin and are easy to mold and sculpt into lots of things. They speed up the process so that you don’t have to use so much shoulder and back strength and TIME to get slabs rolled out. Here is a DIY slab roller that my husband and I are going to try to make in the next couple weeks.

With a slab roller, I have some holiday decor that I want to make for my house and for people to purchase, as well as some mugs. Hopefully a slab roller will also enable me to get things done more quickly so that my kids don’t limit my ability with time constraints quite as much. I love this nativity and hope to put my own twist on it.


By the end of the year, we will make a slab roller so that I can play with a few projects I’m excited about. Timing is really hard to come up with because nap times are nebulous and Willow (the younger) doesn’t always let me put her down. We’re working that.

During nap times, I’m planning to begin a throwing bootcamp for myself. The timeline is (hopefully)

Making Bootcamp

Week of Nov. 5:   15 slab mugs or nativities (on new slab roller)

Week of Nov. 12:  Play with slip decoration

Week of Nov. 19 (Thanksgiving):  Pottery Making Illustrated ideas (at least 3)

Week of Nov. 26:   5- 6″ cylinders, 5- 9″ cylinders, 5- 12″ cylinders

Week of Dec. 3:   15 Thrown Mugs

Week of Dec. 10:   15 Thrown Bowls/ Decorations

Week of Dec. 17:   5 Pie Plates and 10 Mugs

Week of Dec. 24 (Christmas): Make 4 texture rollers, 4 texture balls

I will be posting images of each week’s accomplishments. My expectation is that some weeks I will exceed goals and other weeks I won’t make them. The overall goal is just to create and to keep touching clay. This next year, I’ll step things up and get really productive again with babysitters, and a kiln set up, and all those fancy things. But for now, with two tiny kids, my hope is to accomplish these small things!

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