Pottery Inspiration

It’s been awhile since I’ve felt free to experiment in pottery. Since I began my business a year and a half ago, I was either busy cranking things out or my studio was uprooted. While I like the glazing that I was doing, I think there are easier ways to accomplish certain looks and other looks I’d like to experiment with.

My plan at the moment is to really start making with the intent to sell beginning in January. By that point, I’d like to have played with patterns and textures as well as figure out a few techniques that will be easy to produce and quick to sell so I can feel freer to experiment instead of just worrying about getting stock up. Here’s one technique that I’m excited about trying out: Making Indiana mugs with my shape of mug and glazes.

I think this is totally doable. Lucky for me, Amaco, a HUGE ceramics supplier, is based in Indy and I get pretty amazing discounts since I’m an LLC! Seriously. Walking into the store is like a kid walking into a candy shop or my niece walking into United Art and Education.

I found JonThePotter videos and can’t stop watching them! I love his approach to making videos and the way he explains things so thoroughly! I hope you check some more of his videos out! If I’m ever in Minnesota, I’m totally checking his coffee shop out and buying a MN mug!

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