Spiritual Goals

I just finished up a study of Hebrews with a group of ladies at church. It reminded me of how much I love Scripture. It weaves together the past with the present and shows how God is working and will bring it all together in the future. It describes who God is.

Our culture has implied that all that God does is about us. This in turn leads to the thought the He is about our good. This is interpreted as God wanting us happy, because that’s the greatest good, right? It leads us to dismiss clear commands and disregard Jesus’ statement that, ‘If you love me, you will obey me.’

While God DOES care for us more than we’ll ever comprehend, He is self-centered. Because He is perfect, this is exactly how it should be. God is centered around perfection. The only perfection in existence. Any implication otherwise reveals an idol.

Anyway. Goals.

Start my morning after breakfast with reading Scripture. I would love to spend lots of time thoroughly studying and making connections with other passages and reading books that all correlate. However, that’s not a possibility currently. In just reading this morning and writing this post, I’m holding a sleeping baby with her sister handing me books to read while the dog growls at her when she wanders away. Focused study isn’t currently possible. However, I’ve found that if I can chew on one verse or passage throughout the day, I get lots out of it by that meditation (and reading it over and over because I’ve been interrupted so much).

Pray with my husband before work. We used to be really good at this and it slipped over time. We both want to start it again.

Connect with 1 friend a week. This will probably be the most challenging with both girls. But I need adult conversation and I need Fellowship with other believers throughout the week.

Pray for people when I think about them. I think about people and conversations a lot. I want to turn those thoughts into sincere prayer for them. Whether it’s asking forgiveness for something I did or said, intentionally forgiving them, or just praying for them in general.

I feel like these are all pretty basic, but they’re easy to let slip. Please ask me how they’re going when you see me!

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