Body and Exercise Goals- Short Term

Man. This post is hard for me to figure out how vulnerable I want to be right off the bat. 

I have never met my weight goal. 

Wow. Just typing that fills me with a sense of failure and dread. Do you know what I mean? 

I could tell you all what I weigh now and what all my goals are for that. I could make huge plans of how I’m going to conquer it. 

I can’t do that to myself.

While, yes, I want to meet my weight goals and I’ve spoken them out loud to my husband and we’ve set celebratory rewards for when I meet them (with the  biggest one being coloring my hair all the rainbow colors or doing dreads), I want whatever I DO accomplish to be permanent. 

This time is different for me. I have more at stake. I have 2 little girls modeling themselves after me.

I have to set myself up for success. Not just at the beginning of this. That’s easy. I have to set myself up for success every morning. I have to start right. I have to start each day encouraging myself, reminding myself of victories I’ve had. 

So. My Body Goals.

  1. Get Moving I have a newborn who doesn’t let me put her down. She’s getting better. It’s challenging just to get dishes done some days. My husband got me a FitBit. My current goal is simply to move more steps than I did the day before until I reach 10,000 steps each day. 
  2. Physical Therapy Since I had said newborn, I’ve had intense pain if I stand still for more than 5 minutes or if I’m too active in a day. I don’t know I’ve reached that level until I have muscle spasms. Physical therapy is scheduled to start Nov. 5. Hopefully it will take care of the issue!
  3. Daily Burpees Long-term, I’d like to be doing Crossfit workouts in the gym with my husband coaching me and be hard-core. You know. Doing 1 pull-up for the first time ever or finally able to climb across monkey bars. However, my core strength and endurance is minimal currently (because of above pain plus the incredible back pain I had while pregnant). So. Whenever I accomplish one chore on my daily list, I do 10 burpees. Do the next thing. Do 10 burpees. Are these pretty burpees? No. I kind of flop on the floor like a fish and slowly get up. But I’m doing them. And the next week I might hop to get my feet under me instead of stepping. That’s progress and progress is beautiful.
  4. Point Out the Best I know. It’s not really for my body, it’s my mind. But my mind tries to convince me of what I can’t do or that I’m a failure. So pointing out the best in myself is for my body. I want to remind my brain that I DID 10 fish-floppy burpees. I might have felt stupid doing them and my shoulders might hurt from the knee push-up I did along with it, but I did them when I could have chosen not to. That is strength. That is taking one step to have healthier habits.
  5. Get Back on Track Quickly With food, with exercise, I get so discouraged when I mess up. Especially with food, I tend toward the mentality that if I overate or ate the wrong things at one point, my whole day is blown. I was driving the other day and thought, ‘When I drive and drift slightly out of my lane, I don’t decide, “Oh, I blew it. I might as well just keep going this way.” No! I gently pull my van back into my lane and keep going.’ I have to remember this analogy. Even if I’m off track a full day. Week. Month. Year.

I know this is going to a long, tough journey. I also know that if I can keep my goals in sight, the journey is doable and I’ll become a closer likeness to the person I want to be.

P.S.   Willow farts when she cries. Fun fact.

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