Beginning All the Things

Today’s the Day!

Paleo starts today.

Physical Therapy starts today.

Pushing toward long-term goals officially starts today (I’ve been doing burpees and Bible goals for 2 weeks already). 

Know what I realized? It’s a crazy week.

Time change = nap time no go

Physical therapy in the middle of my nap time prep time for the next 4 Mondays.

Meeting Tuesday night.

Awana during dinner time Wednesdays (we haven’t done this since last school year).

I mean, not huge things, but they definitely mess up the routine. I just have to problem solve. And meal plan for on the go meals.

Starting Well. That was my goal each morning. Breakfast: eggs and bacon with a piece of fruit. Change the girls and get ready for the day. Read a bit of Hebrews. Burpees.  

Tonight, Aaron (my husband) and I are going to a park so I can shoot a video of my beginnings of doing a pull-up/chin-up and try across monkey bars as well as tracking how many burpees I can do in a minute. Each week I’ll make a video update of the pull-up/chin-up and burpees so we can see progress. I know. You get to see my fish-flops!

Thanks for all the encouragement from the last post. It was really great to hear how many people could relate and were encouraged!

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