A Week Into the Goals

Wow. What a week. The scale says I’m down 4.5 lbs this week. I got in well over 90 burpees. I got into the studio a total of maybe 45 minutes. I accomplished by Bible reading goals this week.

While I didn’t meet any of my specific goals 100%, I definitely improved in my main goals.

The 4.5 lbs is actually not a good loss for me, especially since I’m breastfeeding. It means I’m not getting enough calories. Enter crying baby who’s never satisfied and sleeps less while feeding every 1-2 hours. The goal this week is to stay as Paleo as possible while getting the food I need.

What’s stood out from my Bible study this week? Hebrews 2 talks about God’s message being spoken about by Jesus instead of angels (like in the old days). Not following God’s words back then held disastrous consequences. If God’s word is spoken by Jesus, then it’s that much more binding, but the salvation that comes from Him is even more binding. He saved us from our sins against God’s laws. How can we ignore that salvation?

I’m proud of the fact that we’ve stay mostly Paleo (minus 2 pieces of birthday cake and a boxed meal at a conference-so good!). It’s been a challenge to get things done, and there have been many tears of frustration as I reset expectations of myself and nap times, but we’ll figure out the best fit as we keep going.

I’ve tried to write a couple blog posts, but, as this picture shows, I’ve got a couple other priorities. This is how I’m writing this post.

I started physical therapy a week ago. She doesn’t have any concrete answers, but the thought is that I possibly pulled a groin muscle or something along those lines about 2 months before having Willow. This might be what’s causing some of the issue along with my tear from birth. She’s hopeful to get me pain-free with better posture in the next 6-8 weeks and able to do whatever activity I want (yay!).

The biggest challenge this week has been fighting my expectations of myself in getting goals accomplished. I really want to be able to set Willow down while Eddie is napping so I can get everything done. It seems like Willow is down, then I start something and she wakes up less than 5-10 minutes later. It’s frustrating. 

The conference I attended this weekend was about Idols of the Heart. I think I need to be really careful to not place my goals and expectations above loving and caring for my girls. Things need to get done, but I need to make sure I am not getting angry at them because my goals don’t get accomplished. My goals shouldn’t cause me to sin in my attitude towards others. 

My hope this week is that we continue on Paleo and I lose less weight (how many times do you hear that?), I continue to sleep-train Willow but with more patience, I get into the studio for a full hour at least, and continue physical therapy, burpees, and Bible goals. 

Thanks for reading and for your encouragement! A video should be posted tonight or tomorrow. Feel free to laugh with me. I know how ridiculous I look and I feel better if you laugh!

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