2019 Pottery Goals

As you all know, I’ve been out of commission for awhile because of moving and  having a baby. This next year, I need to get a move on again!

Goal  1: Set up a consistent baby-sitting plan each week. Because of where we live, no one lives very close to us, so the travel makes things a little harder.

Goal  2: Get stock levels up on the basics so I can play. This means around 100 mugs, 20 pie plates, 20 large bowls, 50 small bowls.

Goal  3: Play with new products. A few ideas are berry bowls/colanders, coasters with melted glass, nativity sets, and fun sculptures.

Goal  4: Craft Shows. I need to find 2-3 holiday craft bazaars that I can set my stuff up at. Northrop Craft Bazaar and Pathway’s Craft show are good ones I’ll probably attempt in 2019. 

Goal  5: Set Up Etsy Shop. I technically have an Etsy shop, but I have nothing in it.  I also want to figure out how to package things well so they don’t break (obviously) and how to keep stock up for shows while running it. I value selling within my community more than to random strangers.

Goal  6: Paint/Refloor the studio. This is my studio currently. I have my wheel and a drying area set up. Love its potential! However, cork floors aren’t conducive to mopping and water which are inherent to clay, and the green offends me a bit. 


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