** We are moving. This means I cannot host classes until my kiln gets set up again (hopefully mid-May). Thanks for your understanding!**

Contact me if there’s a class you’d like but is not listed. I am also open to hosting events like bachelorette parties, bridal showers, birthday parties, etc. Events  may cost extra depending on food, traveling, etc. All classes, unless otherwise noted, take place at my home in NW Fort Wayne, IN.

Individual Pottery Wheel Lessons are also available ($20/hour). Contact me for more information or to schedule one!

10% of all sales, including classes, goes to Destiny Rescue

*Listed easiest to hardest

Christmas Ornament Decorating

Make memories together! People of all ages can personalize their own ceramic ornaments using glazes. Choose from stars, doves, reindeer, snowmen, houses, gingerbread men, gloves, stockings, trees, Santa and more! Choose your own colors and designs. Pre-painted ornaments will be around for examples and inspiration.

1 Session

Cost: $5/ ornament, $23/ 5 ornaments, $45/ 10 ornaments

Ornaments will be ready 1 week after session, except for the event Nov. 3 &4 which will be finished by Nov. 18


Dessert Plates

Looking for a fun, easy introduction to clay? This simple class gives you the chance to make 4 dessert plates. You’ll learn how to roll a slab, press in texture, and form plates over a mold. You then choose a glaze which will be applied for you!

1 Session

Cost:  $30/person

Pieces will be ready to pick up 2 weeks after class.

Succulent Holders

Relax by having some wine with friends and making succulent holders together! You have a choice between flat-backed and hanging holders. During this 3 hours class, you can make a set of 3!

1 Session

Cost: $30/person

Pieces will be ready to pick up 2 weeks after class.

Fun Monsters

Need a low-expectation, fun, zany, and unique experience with friends? This fun, low-stress class will teach you how to make your own slab-built monster! You’ll learn how to roll a slab, attach clay, and apply glazes. The first session will be spent forming the monster out of clay. The second will be applying glazes. All materials are provided, you just need to wear clothes that could get dirty!

2 Sessions

Cost:  $20/person

Pieces will be ready to pick up 1 week after 2nd session.


Sarah from The Land Before Time, bobble-head edition.

In the first session , we form the head and body out of clay. In the second, we glaze, or paint, the body. I provide all materials. The only thing you need to bring is an idea of a character or object you’d like to make, and clothes that may get messy!

2 sessions

Cost:  $20/person.

Pieces will be ready to pick up 1 week after the 2nd session.


Tri-Pod Mugs

Looking to learn how to make useable pieces while enjoying your friends? Make a mug! These slab-built mugs are made by applying texture to a slab of clay and then forming the feet on the bottom. I will apply handles to each mug after completed. Choose a glaze, which will be applied for you,

1 Session

Cost: $20/person- 1 mug

$30/person- 2 mugs

Pieces will be ready to pick up 2 weeks after class.

Ceramic Mobiles

Looking for a hand-made piece for your home? These mobiles will add a splash of color and fun to any room! An easy, but difficult class. These mobiles are easy in clay design and use, but can be difficult in designing and putting together. Each participant MUST come prepared with an idea of what you would like to do. If you need ideas, talk to me and we’ll figure it out together. Each piece can be as easy or difficult as you make it!

1st session will be cutting out pre-prepared design from paper and clay. 2nd will be glazing each individual piece. 3rd will be assembling mobiles  from glazed pieces.

3 Sessions

Cost:  varies based on supplies needed


Pieces will be ready at end of 3rd class.