Where is your studio located?

Capriglione Creations Home Studio is located at 5812 E Tillman Rd, Fort Wayne, IN 46816

It’s a beige house with an orange roof.

Participants can park in the grass, in front of the garage, or under the basketball hoop. Feel free to park behind the Red Mazda and Navy van!

What ages are able to use the pottery wheel?

All ages are welcome to try during mini wheel lessons. Ages 8 and up have a better chance of producing an actual piece. Younger learners may catch on more slowly, and expectations should be adjusted to their skill level and attention span.

Where do I find tools I need for class?

We offer all tools needed at the studio. You can buy them beforehand by clicking here, at United Art and Education, or buy them through an online supplier. You could also simply buy them when you arrive for class!

Is there practice time outside 6-Week classes?

Yes! One of the biggest determiners of growth in clay is practice. As you use the wheel, you build muscle memory, which, in turn, makes each step a little easier each time you get on the wheel. The more practice you have, the faster you’ll learn!

We have Open Studio hours which anyone currently in classes is able to use. In addition, once you’ve taken two 6-Week Lessons, you have the opportunity to buy punchcards or a monthly membership to continue your pottery practice outside of classes.

Can I use your kiln?

Maybe. We will sell you clay to use in our kiln. If you have come from another studio and know the specs of you clay, we welcome discussion.

If you buy clay from us, the first firing, or the bisque firing, is included. Glaze firing is charged per pound.

We have two kilns. If you are interested in filling and firing one of your own, please contact Nicole at clay@capriglione.net or by calling (260)203-0202.

What kind of clay do you use?

We use Amaco stoneware. After your first 6-Week class, you get to choose whether you would like white or speckled brown clay. These affect the color and effects of glazes as they melt over them and have very distinct difference in their looks.

What kinds of glazes and kilns do you use?

We use electric kilns currently and fire to cone 6. We usually use Amaco and Mayco glazes.