Wheel Throwing Lessons

6 Week Lessons lead you progressively on in your journey with clay. If you are a beginner or beyond, we will help you grow in your skill!

Because there are only 5 students, many different skill levels are welcome to work at their own level and pace.

6 Week Wheel Throwing Lessons

Weeks of Aug 15- Sept 26

Weeks of Oct 3- Nov 7

Mini Wheel Lessons

Mini Wheel Lessons are a taste of throwing on the pottery wheel. It’s a 1-hour class that includes a demonstration and hands-on instruction. Each participant will make a piece and choose a glaze that will be applied after it’s finished! Finished pieces will be available to pick up 3 weeks after class.

August 12 & 13 Mini Wheel Lessons

September 24 Mini Wheel Lessons

October 22 Mini Wheel Lessons

November 18 & 19 Mini Wheel Lessons

December 16 & 17 Mini Wheel Lessons